A quick guide on event planning for newbies

Whether you are trying your own event, or for a friend, you have to read this next article.

The initial thing you want to do when you’re arranging an occasion, is to be sure the venue is appropriate. Firstly, it may be advantageous to check the local events calendar to see where is free at the time you want to hold your event. You don't want the disappointment of finding out your perfect venue is totally booked! Jacqui Kavanagh is the managing director of a company that specialises in sourcing men and women the best venue for their events, so they may well be worth a peek. It's always crucial to continue your budget in mind when you are searching for a venue, you shouldn’t bother looking around places that are out of your price range even if it's tempting: you can waste a lot of time browsing at dreamy venues that you can never ever afford. Another thing to keep in mind is the amount of folks you are looking to host, and to book somewhere that fits that range of men and women. There is absolutely nothing worse than having a venue that is far too large or far too small, it can either swallow up the atmosphere, or folks will be too cramped to have a good time.

You will want to remember your party, and if it’s all you hoped for, you will probably have had one or two drinks, so a fantastic assortment of pictures is key to keeping those memories. Special events should always have a photographer to catch all those spectacular moments, and it is worth getting an expert one as they will usually capture the greatest bits. Gordon Singer is an example of a photographer that can get the leading photos of your party. No one wants to be the one to walk around the party and take all the photos, which is why it is so worth getting in an external person. After the party, you will normally get sent all the photos by email or on a USB, so you can then choose your preferred ones to get printed or to send out to all your buddies.

It can be worth hiring an event management company that can do all the leg work for you. This is a fantastic alternative if your party is going to be really big and extravagant, as it takes the tension away. You can still personalise the party by requesting certain things, or if you trust their judgement, you can ask them to organise everything. You can make your own event management planning checklist if you really want to be sure that you get everything you want into your party or occasion. Dominique Gill founded an events management corporation that will organise significant scale events, giving you the peace of mind and time so that you can concentrate on enjoying the party rather than worrying.

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